About Dr. Makhlouf

Tony Makhlouf, MD, FACR is a board-certified rheumatologist with a focused approach to clinical care that is both comprehensive and innovative. Dr. Makhlouf brings extensive training and considerable experience to Arthritis and Rheumatology Center in Simi Valley, California. He works tirelessly with his patients to help them find relief from painful arthritic and inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Makhlouf completed his internal medicine training at Texas Tech Health Science Center, serving as chief resident. He completed his fellowship in rheumatology at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he served as chief fellow. After practicing rheumatology in Texas for a few years, he moved to California.

Dr. Makhlouf’s passion for rheumatology extends to his patients, as he endeavors to get to know them on a personal level so he can treat their disease, and help with their goals. Dr. Makhlouf uses the latest treatments and therapies to treat every form of arthritis, with the primary mission of relieving pain. He uses ultrasound-guided joint injections to minimize the injection pain and maximize its accuracy, and he treats autoimmune diseases with novel injectable and infusible biologic medications.